Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Just a thought

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Last week I have decided to maintain regularity in posts here , but then again after posting some post then again discontinued. I have two major problem in order to write a blog post, first I couldn't find a nice topic to write about and second the language. One of the reason to start this blog was to improve my writing ability.  Last year when I started the blogging then I thought I will maintain a regularity at least one post per week.
  Last week I given pgee for IIITH , while filling the form I'd decided that I will prepare for exam but at the end gave exam without any preparation. Now all hope on low cut off or almost impossible.
I have decided to start building some projects maybe games of my own. So far progress in that is almost nothing.
It frustrates me a lot why I can't make regularity with my own thing.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

flappybird clone followed lessmilk.com

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Today i was just checking phaser game engine. I followed Flappy bird clone tutorial form LessMilk, and tweaked a little in the game, added touch support in it.

I also compiled it with phonegap for android but its performance is very slow on my phone, though I'm not certain if I missed something.

I uploaded the game on my dropbox folder. Click here to play

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


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I started this blog last year at that time my aim was to write about of myself , my works and the world around me. In the start for few days I posted blog frequently then lost the track. On 28 December I bought a domain for it and then posted few post but again couldn't manage to maintain a regularity. Recently I viewed some other people blog , they post on regular basis it inspired me , maybe I will be posting regularly from now.
One problem while writing a blog post is that fear what if someone read my blog and found so many mistakes as I'm not good at writing, basically a fear of what others will feel on my post. Then I was reading blog lessmilk.com where he talked about his blogging experience how he improved his writing skills even he got some job offers because of his blogs. Even Jeff Atwood of coding horror mentioned mentioned his blog experience in his recent post. Few more blogs like new2code.com and thehopefulwebdev.com also inspired me a lot I have followed these guys on Twitter and they regularly talk about their work on their blogs. And yes they have followed me back on Twitter.
Maybe after all this inspiration I will maintain a regularity in posts on this blog.